Creative Tots
Mondays 10am

The Art Spark is a creative children’s classroom, opened in September of 2010 in Montgomery. Our studio offers children infinitely many ways to explore art.

As professional art educators, we know learning and art is beyond specific skills and tools. Our studio encourages students to ask questions, solve problems creatively, and utilize art materials to achieve unique solutions. Whether painting large scale murals, sculpting food and dishes from around the world, or deciding what it looks like inside of a rainbow, imagination is ignited for every child who has the opportunity to learn and grow at The Art Spark.

 What is a spark?

A spark is the most valuable moment of a child’s creative experience. When children create art in our classroom, they will constantly ignite “sparks”, or ideas. As the sparks develop, your child will:

  • Solve problems creatively
  • Gain confidence
  • Work independently
  • Explore Art materials and refine techniques