Crafty Kids

Miss Gini Browsh

Wednesday at 1pm

Valentine’s Day Card Making!  

Crafty Kids Kits spark was ignited by 2020’s topsy-turvy world of moms, dads and kids working at home during Covid lockdown. I created a play dough kit for my neighbors kids hoping it would be a fun together activity followed by independent play. I made certain to include all the simple non-toxic ingredients and pretty clear instructions. The response was a big THANK YOU and a request for more. That was the beginning of Crafty Kids Kits. It was the simplicity, interactivity, nurturing and enriching educational benefits that sparked the flame. Here’s hoping you’ll join my neighbors in fanning the Crafty Kids Kits flame during this work at home time and far into the future.

I grew up in a small southern Wisconsin college town where my dad was an educational psychology professor and world tour leader. I earned my BA in English & communications and MA in remedial reading at Michigan State University, and worked on a 2nd MA in early childhood at the University of New Orleans. In my career as an educator I taught GED courses to GI’s in Kitzingen, Germany; remedial reading at Okemos, MI high school; public speaking and English at Delta Community College in Midland, MI. and was a co-founder of the Busy Beehive Co-op Preschool in Lake Jackson, TX. I served Cincinnati Public Schools as an aide, teacher, and administrator for 25 years as one of the early educational technology integrators. Currently, I’m a public schools contractor and president of the Live A Language Foundation. In my life as a mom, I raised 3 daughters and delight in my twin grandkids. In early childhood circles I’m known as Miss Gini.