Visiting LilyPad!

We are looking forward to meeting you! Here is a bit of helpful information for your first visit.


We are socks only, and gripper socks are ideal!

Adults and children must remove shoes and wear socks in all of the play areas. There are cubbies to store shoes and other personal belongings, and we have gripper socks available for $2 if needed.

General Policies

Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult (18 or older) who must remain on the premises at all times. LilyPad does not provide daycare.

A waiver and rules agreement and acknowledgement must accompany each admission.

Children must follow the rules that are posted. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to enforce these rules. Our staff will be available to offer polite reminders as necessary.

LilyPad is designed for children 6 and under, and we ask all participants for respect for the play area as well as those in it. Anyone not conducting themselves in this manner and not reflecting this age group will be reminded of the rules and policies. If this behavior persists, the entire party will be asked to leave with no refund.

The pre-walker area is designated for just that, children that are too young and unsure on their feet to enjoy the open play area. We ask that this space be dedicated to infants, crawlers and those still unsteady on their feet to allow for safety in the space made especially for them. .


Only adults accompanying children will be permitted.

Bring what you like! We also offer a selection of healthy snacks and treats.

Please help us maintain a safe space for all and keep nut products away.

Please don’t bring sick kids, so we all stay healthy!

Strollers may be kept in the lobby or by the cubby area.

Accidents Happen! Let us know so we can clean and sanitize the area.

For health reasons, all kids must have underwear or a diaper to play

Please use the diaper changing stations in the bathrooms.



LilyPad has dedicated parking spaces located on the side of the building at the front. 

If these are filled, feel free to park in any spot labeled “Customer Parking Only.”

Please do not park in any other spaces with signs for other businesses, specifically the Kenzie’s Closet Parking Spaces.

There is a large paid lot directly behind LilyPad, and there are many free parking spaces on both side streets that run along side our building.

Help us stay friends with our neighbors!