Welcome to LilyPad!

LilyPad opened in January 2019. Since then we have seen little ones take their first steps, heard their first words, watched as they became proud big brothers and sisters, and many other milestones! We are so happy to have become a part of this community, and look forward to celebrating many more firsts with you!

LilyPad is an indoor play space geared towards kids 6 and under. Here they can follow their curiosity, stretch their imaginations, create their own stories, and do it all at their own pace!

Update: We are OPEN!!!

We have made some adjustments, including expanded play areas, snack table separation, and smaller capacity.

We will require face coverings for adults, and recommend them for kiddos over the age of 2.

Because of our Covid19-limited capacity, we are only allowing 2 adults per child and 20 children during our “open play” hours. We are also suspending our “Open Parties” to make sure we have space for all the fun!

Thank you so much for your understanding and support through this evolving time, and we hope to update these procedures as recommendations change.

Megan Bringas

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