Mama Moves

Sarah Gardocki
Mama Moves, monthly courses
Thursdays at 1pm

Sarah is a personal trainer and health educator who has been working to support mothers since 2005, first as a doula, now as a pre and post natal fitness instructor.

Through experiencing three different pregnancies and births myself, from cesarean to homebirth, Sarah learned the importance of strength and movement during and after pregnancy (HINT it’s not about the shape of your body.)

Exercise after pregnancy is about keeping your energy up, recovering and regaining strength, balancing hormones, boosting endorphins, building confidence, and learning to move in your new body.

This postpartum exercise class is for all stages of post-pregnancy and all fitness experience levels. We will focus on foundational movement patterns, breathwork, reconnecting the core and pelvic floor, and building overall strength. Babies welcome to join!